Featured Weddings

By clicking on any of the featured weddings above, you can see how I approach weddings and my style of editing. You will notice that throughout most of the day, I just document what is happening, catching those smiles and tears that you may not notice on the day. Many couples admire the creative portraits that you will see in my portfolio. This is a short part of the day that usually takes around 30 mins before your wedding breakfast and potentially another 10 mins later on during sunset. In terms of editing, I don’t use any heavy filters or overly stylised effects – I want your photo collection to be timeless and not ever appear dated. I simply optimise the images in terms of colour and composition as well as having a slight emphasis on warm tones. Take a look through my weddings and see how this could work for you. If you want to enquire on availability and prices, please use my enquiry form to get in touch.