Village Warrington Wedding Photography – Mel & Phil

village warrington wedding photography

Village Warrington Wedding Photography by Daniel Murrientes

This was a great opportunity for Village Warrington Wedding Photography, especially considering that the weather had been horrendous throughout the North West leading up to this day. Luckily, we were blessed with stunning blue skies for the entire day whilst it was light.

The day started with the girls in the Bridal suite of the Village Hotel, Warrington. There was particularly calm air in the room for a bridal party and I got straight to work capturing the girls getting ready and joking around. This is always a really important part of the day to capture as it is the one part of the day where the groom is not around and can only experience it through the photography. I also headed downstairs to get a few shots of the ceremony room getting made up and the venue from the outside – all important parts of telling the story of a wedding day.

Mel’s Dad turned up half an hour before the ceremony and was, of course, in awe of how beautiful his daughter looked in her dress. There were a few toasts and laughs and before long, it was time for the ceremony. I headed downstairs to get ready for the ceremony and say hello to Phil, who I had met previously on their pre-wedding shoot.

I got ready at the front of the room and started to catch those moments of excitement that happen before the ceremony. There was a full house and a really good atmosphere around the guests. Shortly, the bridal party began to make their way in. There was plenty of emotions visible on the guests and of course, Phil. There ceremony was fantastic and was followed by a champagne reception in the connecting room.

We took the time following the reception to head outside for a few photos with just the newlyweds. This is a portion of the day that I always want to keep short and they were both well prepared for from their pre-wedding shoot. I’m always conscience that we don’t want a wedding day to become a photo shoot and I always limit time away from guests to 20-30 mins. Natural photography is my thing and generally, I just leave the couple to chat and laugh whilst I stand back and capture the moments that unfold.

The speeches were hilarious if I’m quote honest. I always enjoy a good set of speeches and often find myself remembering and laughing about them as I’m editing the photos in the weeks after the wedding. The speeches were followed by the reception which was also pretty funny as after the first dance, Phil reappeared in a naval officers uniform to do what I can only describe as a skit or perhaps ‘second dance’ following their first. Everyone piled on to the dance floor to join in the antics and these guests sure knew how to party.

A huge thanks to all the staff at Village Warrington Wedding Photography by Daniel Murrientes. All the best to Mel and Phil in the future and I’m really looking forward to sending your photos out this coming week.

village warrington wedding photography

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