What is a pre-wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot is a fantastic tool for a couple to develop a rapport with me before the wedding day. A common misconception is that pre-wedding shoots are all about the photos, that’s not true at all. The main purpose of a pre-wedding shoot is so that we can spend a bit of time together before the wedding and develop a rapport so that when your wedding day comes round, you know me and you don’t have any inhibitions about the camera. This is especially useful if you are at all nervous about having your photo taken.

When the wedding day comes round, I want you to be completely at ease with me and confident that all you need to do is just be yourselves. The first part of a pre-wedding shoot just involves having a bit of a chat about the wedding and getting to know each other a bit. After we’ve had a good chat, we’ll go for a walk somewhere scenic and get some stunning photos of you both just being yourselves.

It’s a useful tool to me as a photographer as I get to see how you react in front of the camera and I can iron out any obvious issues before the wedding day. The aim is for you to be completely relaxed with me photographing you and your partner so that when your wedding day comes round, we can carry on where we left off.

A pre-wedding shoot typically last around 1-2 hours and usually take place in the beautiful countryside of Beacon Fell National Park. I also offer this type of photo shoot for couples who aren’t getting married. It makes a great idea for a gift to your partner or maybe you just want some professional photos together in a natural environment. Please get in touch to enquire about rates and availability.